The baseball term “hot stove” is affiliated with blood sugar premier the time of year when those associated with America’s past time, whether it is players, managers, front office personnel or fans, discuss the summer game during the winter months. Even before the Boston Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1920, folks sat around the hot stove to debate and discuss the significance of their team’s transactions. Even though air conditioning and furnaces have replaced the iron stove as sources of heat, the term hot stove is still quite common in baseball vernacular. A place it is used frequently is to reference baseball writing informative essay narrative essay examples high school banquets that take place during the off-season. The banquets are held to celebrate the game of baseball and to reward those in the game that contribute to its success.

The Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League Banquet was founded in 2008 and year one saw 180 guests gather to hear World Series manager Grady Little share stories from the game. Four awards were presented at the first event.

The growth of the event has been truly amazing. Since its creation, the Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League Dinner has grown from 180 guests in 2008 to over 750 in 2019. With the three events now being held, over 1,200 guests attended in 2022

The 2020 season brought change to the annual event. For the first time ever, the sport of softball broke off from baseball to have its very own awards night. The growth of softball in our community and the incredible support the sport has given to the banquet led to this exciting decision.

Also another first in 2020, Hot Stove League President Tripp Roakes headed back to his roots to hold the 1st Annual Greater Piedmont Hot Stove League Baseball and Softball Awards in Salisbury, NC. This event allowed for special recognition of players and teams in one of the top baseball ans softball areas in the state.

All together, over 1,200 guests will attend the three events in 2022.