High School Baseball Player of the Year High School Softball Player of the Year
2008 Richie Shaffer 2008 Constance Orr
2009 Tyler Tewell 2009 Kalie Lang
2010 Brian Holberton 2010 Jen Rosene
2011 Brett Austin 2011 Sarah Mooney
2012 Corey Seager 2012 Lexi Davis
2013 Alexander Bostic 2013 Madison Arroyo
2014 Brooks Kennedy / Ryder Ryan 2014 Mattie Nuccio
2015 Andrew Moritz / Xavier Legrant 2015 Leah Murray
2016 Jake Holtzapple 2016 Brittany Pickett
2018 Cam Brantley 2018 Dakota Christie
2019 Patrick Alvarez 2019 Gabby Baylog
Youth Baseball Player of the Year Youth Softball Player of the Year
2017 Alec Burleson 2017 Courtney Dean
2008 Chase Arnold 2008 Erin Kayton
2009 Nick Salisbury 2009 Elena Covert
2010 Daniel Calabretta 2010 Peyton Jordan
2011 Ryder Ryan 2011 Katie Williford
2012 Max Wottell 2012 Brooke McCurry
2013 Nick Bruno 2013 Carrie Eberle
2014 Jonah Beamon 2014 Julianna Roupas
2015 Jonah Beamon / Jonathan Perez 2015 Lindsay Perillo
2016 Ray Torres 2016 Gabby Baylog
2017 Bennett Wolf 2017 Ally Bigham
2018 Philip Abner / Brandon Hudson 2018 Riley Hatch
2019 Calvert Clark 2019 Kaylyn Belfield
Scholar-Athlete of the Year High School Team of the Year
2009 Steven Hummell 2009 Ardrey Kell High School
2010 Alex Baker & Grant Fisher 2010 Charlotte Christian School
2011 Justin Hammond 2011 Charlotte Catholic High School
2012 Colin Walls 2012 Marvin Ridge High School
2013 David Marvin 2013 Weddington High School
2014 Matt Ball 2014 South Mecklenburg High School
2015 Max Bazin 2015 Charlotte Christian School
2016 Logan Davidson 2016 Providence High School
2017 Owen Capps 2017 Marvin Ridge High School
2018 Anthony Palma
2019 Trey Donathan 2019 Ardrey Kell High School
Post 51 High School Baseball
Adam Faulk Tanksley Spirit Award High School Pitcher of the Year
2010 Ben Boykin 2010 Ryan Butler
2011 Michael Russell 2011 Peter Hendel
2012 Ally Yeager 2012 Trent Thornton
2013 Jordan Goodman 2013 Bailey Ober
2014 Nick Owens 2014 Corey Sikes
2015 Coach Jon Tuscan 2015 Max Wotell
2016 Ryan Kirk / Alyssa Herlocker 2016 Henry Ryan / Jake Kuchmaner
2017 Gavin Canipe 2017 Jake Kuchmaner / Nicholas Swiney
2018 Matthew Helms 2018 Jonathan Perez
2019 Eli Shenise 2019 Trey Tujetsch
York County Player of the Year Youth Team of the Year
2009 Seth Neely 2010 Community House Middle School Baseball
2010 Brad Zebidis 2011 South Park Youth Assoc. All Stars
2012 Kyle Whitman 2012 MARA 12U & WCWAA 11U
2013 Tad Martin 2013 Lady Blues 16U Softball
2014 Josh Crump / Dalton Helms 2014 Weddington Middle School Baseball
2015 Clay Hunt 2015 Charlotte Country Day Middle School
2016 Cuthbertson Middle School JV Baseball
2017 South Charlotte Rec, 9U All Stars
2018 Team NC 12U Hinde (softball)
Marvin Ridge Middle JV, Charlotte
Christian Middle
2019 Covenant Day Middle, Sun Valley
Middle JV & Varsity, Coul-Oak Sr.
Baseball “Gamer” Of The Year Contributions to Youth Award
2012 Michael Patrick 2011 Zan Copeland
2013 Chris Clare / Kirk Morgan
2014 Landon Kay / Hunter Jones High School Softball Pitcher of the Year
2015 Reece Hampton 2015 Keleigh Romine
2016 Justin Williams 2016 Carrie Eberle
2017 Satchel Jerzembeck 2017 Jaelin Griffin
2018 Lane Hoover 2018 Caroline Ruth
2019 Tafton Hensley 2019 Riley Tucker
Softball “Gamer” of the Year Nations Baseball Umpire Award
2012 Emily Usiak 2011 David Bottonfield
2013 Kara Salvo
2014 Jordan Keene Baseball Leadership Award
2015 Maddie Furr 2015 Jackson Dean
2016 Casey Bigham 2016 Luke Orr
2017 Kyrah Phelix 2017 Max Lahn
2018 Sam Matsil 2018 Zack Budzik
2019 Cori Sprinkle 2019 Jackson Bertelsen / Jakob Cohn
Crystal Carolina Sports Baseball Team of the Year Softball Scholar Athlete of the Year
2011 Concord Diamond Dawgs 2011 Caitlin Kurtz
2012 Carolina Slammers (12U & up) 2012 Melanie Runkle
Mooresville Legends (11U and under) 2013 Kimberly Rivers
2013 Charlotte Megastars (12U and up) 2014 Katie Brock
SBA Canes Suarez  (11U and under) 2015 Ashley McGowan
2014 SBA Canes 10U (11U and under) 2016 Emily Clinton
Cherryville Roadrunners (12U and up) 2017 Lindsey Powell
2015 SBA Canes Cruz 10U (11U and under) 2018 Carson Warlick
Southern Express 12U (12U and up) 2019 Sarah Harkins
2016 Charlotte Athletics 11U (11U and under)
2016 Team Carolina 15U  (12U and up) Community Heroes Award
2017 Charlotte Astros 10U (11U and under) 2017 Tom Hay Coggins / Megan Campany
2017 Gaston Grizzlies 14U (12U and up) 2018 Mitchell Salvino
2018 Team 24 Gamecocks Ashley
Team 24 Gamecocks Brown
2019 East Rowan Diamond Sports 8U
Park Sharon Nationals 10U
Team 24 Gamecocks Ashley 10U
Vision Bandits 12U
Nations Baseball Team of Excellence High School Coach of the Year
2013 South Charlotte Thunder 9U 2013 Jimmy Cochran
2014 Coul-Oak Cannons 10U 2014 Travis Poole
2015 Team Carolina 14U 2016 Danny Hignight/Mark Mennitt
2016 HQ Clippers 15U Grey 2017 Jim Cerbie
2017 Team 24 Gamecocks 11U & 12U
Baseball Catcher of the Year Award Baseball Rising Star Award
2016 Kevin Dobos 2016 Tate Pennington/Cam Brantley/Rohan Handa
2017 Drew Donathan 2017 Jeremiah Boyd/Jonah Beamon/J T Killen
2018 Tyler McPeak 2018 Preston Hall/Patrick Alvarez/Trey Tujetsch
2019 Spencer Bright 2019 Trey Truitt
Nations Baseball Team of Excellence High School Coach of the Year
2013 South Charlotte Thunder 9U 2013 Jimmy Cochran
2014 Coul-Oak Cannons 10U 2014 Travis Poole
2015 Team Carolina 14U 2016 Danny Hignight/Mark Mennitt
2016 HQ Clippers 15U Grey 2017 Jim Cerbie
2017 Team 24 Gamecocks 11U & 12U
Baseball Golden Glove Award Softball Golden Glove Award
2019 Blake Burchett 2019 Paige Rivas

Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League Award Criteria
The Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League Award finalists and winners are chosen by a selection committee of 11 members.  Committee members represent each area of the Greater Charlotte community.  Voters include; coaches, umpires, observers, media members and others that have a vast history and knowledge of both baseball and softball in the area.

The Greater Charlotte Hot Stove League places athletics, academics and character as very important components in the selection process.  We strongly believe 100% in the Student-Athlete concept and the building of well-balanced student-athletes. Each finalist recognized tonight should be considered as a winner. They have risen to the top of their chosen sport and displayed the work ethic needed to become the very best they can possibly be.  Many will go on to college and professional playing careers while others will become the leaders of tomorrow with outstanding academic resumes.  With the leadership many have shown to date in the classroom and on the field, we have no doubt that these same student-athletes will help to make our community and world a better place.

One winner will be called on stage for each award, but it is important to remember all finalists are winners.